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Why Complain About Rising Adwords and Pay Per Click Costs When They Can Make You Rich Instead? Discover the Astonishing traffic story That Has Been Kept Secret Until Now...

I should warn you right upfront... You’re about to uncover a whole new perspective on internet traffic. It's a stunning new point of view that is only discussed in dark corners of private forums, secret chat sessions or NOT AT ALL.
Pay Per Click Costs are rising at a phenomenal rate. The competition has gotten so heavy in affiliate marketing that even the biggest players have to pay insane prices and survive on razor thin margins.
But instead of shaking your head in anger, you should be chuckling with glee every time prices go up and Google slaps the market. Because you can use the increasing prices and competition to play an entirely different game and grow far richer than you ever imagined!

Let a $3.5 million dollar a year Insider show you how he reaps record profits (sometimes over %1000 ROI!) by beating the Pay Per Click game with his underground tactics. If you've ever lost money buying clicks to promote affiliate programs, then you'll litterally fall out of your chair when you discover what you could be doing instead. Make no mistake, this is the most important letter you will ever read.

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And before we continue, here’s what you won’t need:
Any prior experience
Any business knowledge (beyond the couple of timeless wealth principles you’ll discover in the book)
Expensive software, other books or tools
A massive budget, or even a modest one...
Here's the thing...
Very few people have made the connection between traffic and the timeless principles of commerce that are as old as civilization itself.
This tried and tested method that I'm about to reveal has existed for thousands of years. It is what has made every merchant rich, from the fur traders and perfumers of the middle ages to the franchised restaurants of today, and finally to the place where more money changes hands every day than the gross domestic product of most civilized nations: the Forex Market.
Amazingly, very few people have understood that this cash creating principle exists just as strongly online as in the “real world”. Those that do, however, like to keep it very close to their hearts.
That’s why when a multi-millionaire from Brazil contacted me and opened the vault of knowledge, I felt privileged like the archeologist, who after years of searching finally uncovers the secrets of an ancient civilization.
That’s when I saw a source of wealth so immense, so nearly unlimited that I understood my life was about to change.
But don’t just take my word for it, take a short moment to look at these screenshots he sent me. You've already seen one, but here is another from the same month:

Just stop for a moment and let the meaning of this sink in... Can you imagine that this guy stumbled upon this secret by accident? That's right... Without any Internet kowledge, and without any online experience!
In fact, all he had was a sense of adventure that put him in the right place at the right time to discover a principle that would soon make him rich beyond his wildest dreams.
After he contacted me, I spent hundreds of dollars in long distance calls, interviewing him, digging deeper and deeper into his mind, uncovering the mystery. It was like an ancient treasure slowly unearthed.
I pushed and prodded, greedily asking for more each time. Each piece of knowledge was like a wisdom tooth, painfully extracted.
But I got it ALL. And it was worth it as I opened a stream of income that flowed with a natural ease of a kind that have never before experienced. (I'll show you in a minute)

“Buy Low, Sell High”

Let me tell you what that means...
This idea of "buy low, sell high" applies to traffic the same way it applies to all the goods and services sold in the world today. In fact, it applies to traffic in the same way that it applies to your life, right now, in your job. After all, your boss is buying up pieces of your life in order to take huge profit from these investments: buying low, selling high.
Now pay close attention as I tell you what Arbitrage is: it's the art of exploiting the gap between what something is worth to somebody and what you can acquire it for.
As you consider this, you notice that it's the same prinsiple. Buy Low, Sell High, that's the idea.
But right now, this may sound as abstract to you as hearing that somewhere in the far reaches of South America, there is a city named El Dorado, and it is made of gold.
Except now you can have the map. So stick with me. We’ll get to that in a minute.


“Back to Traffic, and How it’s Money Waiting to Happen” You know, traffic is a lot like electricity. As a concept, it’s almost perfectly intangible. You see, you're using electricity to power almost everything that makes your life easier. Electricity turns into light, heat, TV, microwaves that cook your food…All it needs is a converter to turn it into something of value. Traffic works in much the same way. Except you convert it to money. That's right. All traffic is money waiting to happen. If you have a surfer, you have a potential dollar. All successful websites work on that principle. They exploit traffic and transform those vague numbers into cold hard dollar figures. Now stay with me, because the big punch is coming right up… “Here’s the One Thing (A Million Dollar Secret) you Didn’t Know You Could do With Traffic” Listen, there are different yhings that you can do with traffic. First of all, I bet you already knew you could: Buy Traffic: From tons of different places. PPC Networks like Adwords and all the smaller ones. Ezine ads, media placements, classifieds, textlinks. The list goes on. You can also Sell Traffic: To many, this is not as clear. When a visitor leaves your site on an Adsense Click, you just sold traffic. Google is buying that click and selling it to one of their advertisers for a cut of the selling price. “So What’s Missing From this Picture?” When people buy traffic, it’s usually to get opt-ins to their newsletter or potential customers for affiliate offers. They want to monetize it directly by getting an end result. But what if you bought the traffic knowing full well why you were doing it? That is, Only to sell it for more money, Immediately! Believe me when I tell you that it would be like putting money through a magnifying glass. Except now it doesn’t just seem bigger... It actually is!